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Name: Pam
Age: 14
Sex: Female
Location: Marin County, California (It's on the other side of the Golden Gate bridge)
Hobbies: singing, dancing, acting, shopping, websurfing(it's addicting), mix&matching with clothes (lol I do it all the time in my room when I'm bored)
Style: Nicky Hilton meets Mary Kate Olsen
Goals / Dreams: To go to an Ivy League school and then move to Paris and just speak French fluently and eat great food all the time
Role Model: Paris Hilton; her image's changed a lot over the years but she still manages to keep her personality and her style is really relaxed and casual, something I wish I could pull off
What does vintage mean to you: shredded jeans, old school tshirts bought at killer hot second hand stores, dirty converse with writing everywhere.. it's a vibe I think. I think vintage isn't really a way of dressing, it's just your attitude and how you wear your clothes. Vintage is really comfy and old school.
Promote us at one place: my userinfo ♥
Why should we accept you: Because I'm fresh, I am who I am, if I'm not accepted then I'm still gonna walk away with a smile, because unlike a poser or a wannabe I won't change myself just so everyone will accept me :)

Color: white because it can go with anything. & brown
Actor: Adam Brody
Actress: Rachel McAdam (Of the Notebook and Mean Girls), Scarlett Johanson (Lost in Translation)
Movie: The Notebook, Big Fish, Old School
TV show: Simple Life, the OC
Band/ Singer: JoJo, Kanye West, Gwen Stefani
Food: French food, it's amazingly good. And also Chinese food
Clothing Store: Abercrombie


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