Rhea Carlisle (bang_bangbeauty) wrote in vintage_vouge,
Rhea Carlisle

name- rhea carlisle

age - 16

location - mcallen, tx

hoobbies - i started my own clothing line "carlisle clothing". so that, shows, music, fashion.

style - preppy with a little punk rocker thrown into it. ashlee simpson / jessica simpson in one.

role model - cliche but my mother because she gave up alot to get me this far in life.

goals/dreams - carlisle clothing. fashion week. FIT in NY. milan.

describe vintage - vintage is fashion. period. like it or not vintage is where fashion as we know it now came from. vintage to someone in mcallen means going to "ropa" and digging through piles of clothes that reach the ceiling in a hot warehouse and buying vintage for 50 cents a pound. that my friend is vintage.

what does vintage mean to me - vintage rocker is the theme for my 2005 fashion runway. it has inspired me to go far with clothing options on my models. i can't wait to see how it all turns out.

promote us in one place - my userinfo

why should we accept you - i live for fashion. it pays my bills and are my bills. i wouldn't have it any other way.


color - green. half of my closet is green.

actor - brad pitt

actress - angelina. hands down.

movie- i'll admit it..i'm a sucker for mean girls

tv show- america's next top model

band - the academy is. can't get enough.

food- sushi.

clothing store - urban outfitters






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