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name-Diana <3
location-pasadena, texas
hobbies-singing, dancing, reading, shopping, hanging out with my friends, traveling
style-preppy vintage type of look
goals/dreams-i want to go to art school in new york and major in fashion designing and i hope and dream to meet nicky hilton and lindsay lohan one day.
role model-nicky hilton, i think she is amazing and has done alot for her young age and i def want to follow her steps to get where she is now.
describe vintage-wearing torn jeans, old fashion type of style
what does vintage mean to you?-to me vintage is a style like expressing how you feel, like mix and matching your clothes in your own way and may describe who you are sometimes.
promote us at one place-http://www.livejournal.com/community/__heartxcore/
why should we accept you?-cuz i'm really down to earth and easy to get along with, i am very friendly and nice to people and i don't blow them off for an unknown reason. i also like getting to know new people off live journal, i think there's alot of really cool people here.
actor-zach braff, i love his gardent state movie, everybody that hasn't seen in here should watch it!
actress-lindsay lohan, i think she's amazing and has accomplished alot for an 18 year old.
movie-garden state, girl next door, elf, mean girls, the notebook, napoleon dynamite and many more
tv show-everwood, gilmore girls, one tree hill, the simple life, american idle, the oc, what i like about you, reba
band-(singer) kelly clarkson, lindsay lohan, ashlee simpson, britney spears..(bands) taking back sunday, the used, the cure, the shins, 3 doors down, damien rice, the postal service, the format, crossfade, oasis, bon jovi, and many more lol
food-pizza, italian, mexican, and chinese
clothing store-american eagle, abercrombie, hollister, gadzooks, aeropostal
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