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Ok, so I didn't know if you guys still require one; I didn't see it on the info so...

Name - Enjoli (pronounced on ZHOU lee)

Age - 16

Sex - female

Location – Greater San Diego area

Hobbies – <3 dancing. I've recently became interested in sewing. I do some photography, but then again who doesn't? Reading occupies most of my time.

Style – It differs. I have my laid back surf girl days. Then I have my indie days. I love long jeans... which are really hard to find for my long legs.

Role Model - I don't know if I have one. I tend to focus in on a person's flaws. Horrible, I know.

Goals/Dreams – For the near future...pass my AP test and get Derek to ask me to prom. :)

Describe vintage – classicism plain and simple. Whenever I think of it I think of hippies or the roaring 20s.

What does vintage mean to you – It's a part of my personality, I guess?

Promote us at one place – my userinfo

Why should we accept you- because you'll love me? Ha.


Colour – Browns, greens, and golds.

Actor – Matthew Perry, Johnny Depp

Actress – Natalie Portman, Audrey Hepburn

Movie – Donnie Darko, Spanglish

TV Show – Friends <3 Life as We Know It. Too bad they canceled it...

Band – The Killers, Pinback, Incubus, Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Doors, Queen,

Food – Mexican and Italian.

Clothing Store – Urban Outfitters when I feel the need. Goodwill mostly because I'm cheap.


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