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ok uh, i just copied and pasted someone elses application coz im a dunce and musta overlooked the thing on the user info but here goes...

Name - alexis

Age - 18

Sex - female

Location – chicago

Hobbies – going to shows, watching silent movies, reading, and shopping at thrift stores with my mom

Style – cutesy, i wear lots of skirts and poka dots, mary janes, and the 1950s hand-me-downs from my grandma i wore to prom

Role Model - i dont really have one but i guess ill say my mom coz shes gone through a lot with my dad and my brothers death

Goals/Dreams – i hope i dont screw up in college

Describe vintage – vintage isnt just clothing its also music and film. vintage is like history and everytime you wear a piece of clothing thats been passed down from someone it kinda tells a story (and yes i realize what i just said sounds like its from a book or something, but its true)

What does vintage mean to you – its something i love, i love going to thrift stores and finding things people have thrown out coz they thought it was garbage but like they say one mans trash is anothers treasure. plus, being vintage is apart of who i am

Promote us at one place – my info

Why should we accept you - because im sick of communities that dont even give me a chance and with this community i can be myself without being looked down on.


Colour – maroon, purple, and orange

Actor – johnny depp hands down, sexiest man alive!

Actress – louise brooks, coz she practically invited the danish bob (my FAVORITE haircut)

Movie – theres too many, but fight club is a good movie

TV Show – degrassi

Band – hopesfall, azriel, the blood brothers i could go on but im going to stop at three, heh

Food – green apples

Clothing Store – goodwill, family dollar, beatniks and the army surplus


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